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Stake Your Claim

Post  Dragon_Warrior on Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:18 pm

The army of weredragons walked across the tall-grassed plains, lead by their leader, their king,
Axel Van Deriz. Axel was a descendant from royalty, Luciedor's heir to the weredragon throne.

Merely three short months before, his father, the last king, had died, and Axel was named King of the weredragons. They stopped, looking around, Axel nodded to the general, who held out his hand, everybody following stopped at a dead halt. Axel looked around the area, he chuckled, "This will do fine, prepare to begin building!" They were looking for a place to build Axel's new castle and city. Axel rode around like a maniac on his white stallion, making certain that everyone was doing their jobs. Everyone was doing well so far.

"My lord!" Called a soldier as he lead about six people in shackles toward him. "Ah, Robert Dogg, you and your little peasant friends are no more than a nuisance..." Axel said, smirking as he leaned forward on his horse, looking at Robert with a smirk. Robert Dogg spit at Axel, missing, but it was still a sign of disrespect. "You should be thankful, boy, it was my stroke that made you the king." Robert was speaking of the fact that he had killed Axel's father in the royal's battle against the peasants. Axel sighed, then said "If that is true, then perhaps I should thank you...." he nodded at another soldier who want off to get something. "Look good, Dogg, I'm the last good looking thing you'll ever see...." he soldier returned with a long, thin bladed knife. "Gouge the disrespect out of his eyes...." Axel said as he turned his horse and trotted away as the soldiers did their gruesome job, then wrapped a blindfold over the now blind man's eyes, unlocked him and his buddies with a word of "Take it as a warning..." and sent them off to work as well.

Axel stood in the center of the grassy valley and shouted "I hereby claim this land for the weredragons, I dub the soon-to-be-founded city... WARFANG!"


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