Draco-sapiens..... Original Fantasy Roleplay!

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Draco-sapiens..... Original Fantasy Roleplay!

Post  Dragon_Warrior on Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:44 am

Enter a world.... a world where all of you dreams become reality.... and some of you realities become dreams. Enter a world where fantasy is real, and where everything is not what it seems. The world of the Draco-Sapiens, a world divided into two fragments.... the tame, and the wild.

The tame: Tamed Draco-sapiens are little more to their owners than a source of entertainment or a pet. Some people who own Dracos think of them as their very best friends. While others only see them as ways of earning money. Some even breed them for better lineage. Amazingly, tamed Dracos love their tamed life, and why wouldn't they? Free food, free room and board, for bucks, all the femmes they can ask for, and for femmes, the security of their owners. Some tamed dracos don't like their life and escape only to find they are not welcome amongst their wild brethren, which brings us to the wild....

The wild: Wild Dracos are proud of their feral heritage, and feel that tamed Dracos are inferior because they lost their sense of survival in the wild. The wild Dracos feel that the tamed have broken the laws of the wild, mostly because the tame breed with more than one femme, and the wild ones mate for life with a single lover. The wild Dracos see the tamed world as slavery and degradation. Some wild Dracos, however, once captured and tamed, enjoy the life, seeing how wrong they were about the life of tamed Dracos.

But there is also a secret organization of Dracos, those that work and live in the abandoned Ghetto, most of who are lead by a leader named Ziggy, all of the Dracos of the Ghetto clan have jobs that they need to do in order to be accepted. Several of these Dracos have a secret job they do, they are said to be building a weapon to use against the humans. Times are dark for humans and Dracos alike, the world of Draconia is on the brink of a war..... what side have you chosen?

Enter the world of the most original fantasy you can possibly find. One where you can even create your own creatures, one where you can play god.... where you can create, control, and decide the fate of your characters, and creatures.

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