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Name: Nysta
Age: Immortal (200 so far)
Gender: Female
Race/Breed: Ice Fox
Appearance: Solid Form: She looks like a normal arctic fox if not a little smaller. Her fur is pure white and mist seems to roll off of her back no matter what the weather. Her eyes are icy blue with slit pupils. Her fangs are larger than an average fox's
Ghost Form: She appears a ghost version of herself, transparent. Her eyes become pupil-less and start to glow. In this form she can dive through solid objects, float in mid-air and even fly around. If she flies through somebody in this form and feels hatred toward them she can freeze their body from the inside out.
Personality: She is easily irritable. She can come off as rude sometimes but is actually really truthful. She is intelligent and calm. She gets annoyed at simple-minded people. She loves fish and seafood, her eyes growing wide when she smells or sees it.
History: Her history is a secret to all but her.
Powers or abilities: Ice, weather (only blizzards, snow, sleet, hail and wind)
Weakness?: Fire and sunlight
Relationships: None Yet

Name: Rokem (Roe)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race/Breed: Fledgling (dragon shape-shifter)
Appearance: She has long, wavy, auburn hair that reaches to the center of her back. Her eyes are icy blue but will turn blood red when angry or emotional. She has two black tattoos in the shape of a jagged bracelet on each wrist. She is pretty tall for her age with a slender figure.
Personality: She is cold and distant most of the time. She doesn't take kindly to strangers and is the last to trust somebody completely. She is a loner and she is mostly quiet. She is pretty irritable as well, loosing her temper quickly. She isn't afraid of anyone and is rash, usually attacking first if threatened.
History: She used to live with her parents in the middle of the Forest Region, away from any town or city. One day Rokem, being only five-years-old, went to go pick flowers for her mother far away from her home. When she returned however she found her small home in flames, her parents dead. She ran away and spends her whole life trying to find her parents' killers.
Powers or abilities: Storm, fire, and darkness control. She has a dagger that she holds on her back.
Weakness?: Water and ice (she hates rain)
Relationships: None yet

Name: Cross
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race/Breed: Vampire
Appearance: He has messy, thin, black hair that falls over his eyes and down to his jaw-line when it is wet or combed. His eyes are cat-like and bright yellow, his pupils slit. His skin is pale and he can't hide his fangs no matter how hard he tries.
Personality: He is very quiet and most think he is mute. He only talks when necessary. He has a curious personality and likes to wander off and investigate. Despite his appearance he is kind and pretty innocent. He doesn't really know any better than to kill humans so he still does that. He always apologizes before or after he kills them though. He is pretty air-headed and though he won't kill them, he will often bite or take a little blood from his friends just to 'taste' them.
History: He doesn't remember his past since he woke up when he was nine in the middle of the forest. He was badly injured and came to the conclusion that he must have been attacked. Ever since he just wanders around.
Powers or abilities: Super strength and speed. He can sometimes charm others without noticing and on accident (his eyes turn red when using this)
Weakness?: Sun weakens him but is mostly just a mild annoyance. He has a soft spot for cute things and children, he refuses to hurt them.
Relationships: None yet.

Name: Night
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race/Breed: Demon
Appearance: Though she is much older she appears only ten, thirteen at the oldest. He has short blond hair that barely reach past her ears. She cut it herself so It's a little uneven. She has small, black, wave-shaped horns that poke out of her hair from just above her ears. Her eyes are dark blue. She is small and petite. She has small fangs. She has large, black, feathered wings and a thin, black, skin-covered tail that is shaped like an arrow-head at the end (typical demon tail). She has a black eye-patch with a white X-shape over her left eye. She likes to wear black and usually wears a black tank-top with black shorts and black gloves that show her fingers. She is very flat-chested for a girl her age which also gives her the image of being a young girl.
Personality: She is very sweet and innocent. She loves making new friends and isn't really shy. She will talk to anyone she thinks is interesting. She likes to climb trees and she will sit on the lower branches and watch people walk by. She loves to help and is very protective over her friends. If her friends are threatened she will snap and become very angry and violent toward the person who could cause harm.
History: Her father was an explorer and her mother a guard of a king before they met, fell in love, and quit their jobs and dreams. Night decided she didn't want to live a boring life with her parents and eventually left to become a bounty hunter.
Powers or abilities: She has a minor blood lust (doesn't need blood to survive). Her tail can grow in length and wrap around people or hold her to a tree (like a monkey!). She has enhanced speed and strength along with claw-like nails that can tear her opponent to shreds.
Weakness?: She hates pain and prefers to avoid it. The smallest amount of pain can make her faint (unless she is protecting somebody, then her determination will keep her going until she knocks her enemy out or is killed).
Relationships: None yet.

Name: Vick
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race/Breed: Werewolf
Appearance: He has dusty brown hair that reaches his shoulders. He usually pins it up with a clip since it's thick enough. His eyes are forest green and wide. He has tan skin from being in the sun for so long. He wears a black collar with silver spikes. He wears a black band on his right arm. Nobody knows but it marks his weak-spot (he has broken his right arm so many times it is weak though it is his dominate arm). He usually wears baggy gray-brown pants and a dark green T-shirt that matches his eyes. He has pale brown wolf ears on top of his head and a pale brown, fluffy wolf tail. He is almost always bare foot. Wolf Form: A pale brown wolf pup with dark green eyes.
Personality: He is cute, air-headed, simple-minded and oblivious. He isn't much for common sense and often gets himself into trouble. He dislikes getting injured and tries to avoid it but often falls out of trees or trips and skins his knee. He will cry if injured or his feelings get hurt (happens very often). He is a sweet boy who is very shy of strangers.
History: He and his parents lived in a pack of werewolves all of their life. One night there was a thunder storm and while he and his parents were trying to get back home they had to cross a river. His mother tried to jump it and fell into the thrashing waters. His father jumped in to save her and both drowned. He was only a few years old so he ran away and fainted in the forest. He woke up and found that he was lost. He found a pack of normal wolves and they helped him out. Now he treats them like a family and they protect him with their lives considering him their little pup.
Powers or abilities: Shifting into a wolf and wolf-like abilities/senses.
Weakness?: He is afraid of thunder storms and will faint instantly if he hears thunder.
Relationships: His wolf pack

Name: Cassidy (Cass)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race/Breed: Technically Human
Appearance: She has short, blonde hair that is flipped a little at the ends. There is pink hair dye mixed in a little as well. Her eyes are chocolate brown. She wears an outrageous amount of jewelry, like several bracelets at one time, and huge earrings. She has several small, bright blue, butterfly tattoos with black markings on their wings 'flying' up her back.
Personality: She is a 'bad girl'. She likes to cause trouble as much as she can. If she likes you she's quite friendly but if she doesn't like you she will tease you and make your life miserable. She is pretty adventurous and has a fiery personality. She never likes to stop and seems to have unlimited energy though she's only human.
History: She never knew her parents and was raised by a wizard man and his wife. She considered them her parents and when she left home to become a traveler they blessed her with protection (the tattoos).
Powers or abilities: She was blessed by a wizard and now those tattoos can turn into real butterflies. She uses them to spy, listen in on conversations (can hear through them through a mind bond type thing) and for fights. Their eyes are razor sharp. The biggest butterfly usually sits on her shoulder and Cassidy named her Luna.
Weakness?: Jewelry (if she sees something she likes she has to have it whether that means stealing or begging)
Relationships: None yet

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